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Assassin's Boutique.
Assassin's Boutique. Assassin's Boutique is a guerilla crafting shop based in the NY metro area. Their product is made by hand in the US, in limited, carefully controlled quantities. Their customers do not shop at Walmart. Ever.

Unlike many other DIY crafters, Assassin's Boutique uses cutting edge materials in all their designs, from the practical (book protective sleeves) to whimsical ("Lo-Batt" sleeping mask). The identity and web destination for Assassin's Boutique needed a little more edge and a little less Betty Crocker than their peers which tend to leverage a web 1.0 look as part of their "charm".

Echelon created original branding for the Company, logo and character designs, and then let those inform the design of the web and print materials that followed. A bit high tech, a bit anime and very bold, Assassin's Boutqiue stands apart.

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