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Bravo Company Manufacturing.
Clients. Bravo Company Manufacturing. In 2011, Bravo Company Manufacturing/USA founder/owner Paul Buffoni reached out to Echelon's strategic partner Haley Strategic to produce and deliver a 30 second commercial spot that would have the realism of a documentary film with AAA production values. Upon delivery of the spot, Bravo Company Manufacturing engaged the Echelon/HSP team to begin a brand reboot and develop a new web site from scratch.

The team conducted a deep dive into the brand, looking for the core that drove the organization as well as the customer who was dedicated to their products. Once we had this ground truth in place, the team developed a vision and strategy to communicate it, then brought together a world class team to give these ideas flesh. The results speak for themselves.

The HSP/Echelon team continues to support BCM with photography, film pieces, branding/merch design and ongoing web marketing efforts.

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