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KSI Global Services.
Products. KSI Global Services. KSI Global Services connects US manufacturers of petroleum and natural gas equipment to allied nations in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. With partners based in both the West and Middle East, KSI needed identity and marketing materials that conveyed professionalism, infrastructure and the breadth of their organization.

KSI's strategic identity needed to reflect both natural gas and petroleum to English and non-English speakers alike. Uniting recognized iconography for petroleum and natural gas, created branding that has needed no introduction in any forums where KSI took its business.

When addressing marketing materials, the team started with a core palette of pastel greens. Green is supposedly Mohammed's favorite color and is said to have worn both a green cloak and turban in the Quran. It is also a symbol of nature and life throughout the western world.

Web and print creative were ultra-clean and evocative, using bold photography to convey meaning, supplemented by concise and professional text. Showcasing the organization as a unique international entity that is both technologically capable and understanding of Middle Eastern cultures and business practices.

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